Some Useful Travel Tips while traveling to India!

Although India is a beautiful country with friendly people, there are several things that are taken for the granted by people coming from other countries, such as safety issues. As you come out of the airport on landing, you are on a new journey! So, before you plan your vacation in India, you must keep several safety travel tips in your mind:


- Before Leaving your Home must check all documents and accessories, most important Medicines etc.

- Must carry emergency contact numbers.

- While in the country on arrival clear your doubts with your Travel Agent / Company Representative or with your Tour Guide.

- Collect Important information, maps, pamphlets, brochures, visiting cards of your Travel Agent / Company Representative / Tour Escort Guide.

- Most important get your Country’s Embassy / High Commission / Consulate contact number.

- In case of need or desire to overstay you are advised to contact the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office better known as FRRO.

- Avail Proper transport from your Hotel / Lodge / Guest House or Pre-Paid Taxis / Auto Rickshaws or Pay by Meter or ask for Fare Chart.

- In case of extreme emergency contact POLICE.

- Advisable to shop at Proper Places/ Fixed Price Shops carefully to ensure quality & reasonable prices.

- Please check power voltage before using electrical instruments.(220 / 240 V. are available in India).

- Keep your valuables in Hotel Lockers/Safe Deposit Vaults.

- Always hire Govt. approved tourist guide who carry an Identity Card.

- Check about photography permission / filming at any monuments etc.

- Change money only at Authorised Foreign Exchange Outlets / Banks / Hotels & must take a receipt for money changed & insist on small changes of 5,10, 20, 50, 100 and may be some coins.

- In case of loss of any documents contact your travel agent immediately, the nearest Government of India Tourist Office / Police Station / State Government Tourist Office.

- For medical assistance you may contact Hotel or your Travel Agent / Accredited Hospital / Nursing Homes or contact rescue missions through your Medical Insurance.

- Observe Local Tradition / Customs while visiting religious places check details of your visit to such places.

- There is prohibition on liquor in a few States. Check details from the nearest tourist office about the same.

- Smoking is not allowed in public places & vehicles, in some states.

- Be careful about your dress up and personal behaviour.

- Keep on the lookout for any further information / indication etc of use in travel in the country.


- Don't encourage beggars.

- Don't accept favours, food / drink from strangers.

- Export of Indian Currency is banned.

- Export of certain Antiques or other objects of antiquity are not allowed.

- Don't be coerced into shopping by strangers.

- Don't buy articles made of ivory or rare endangered species or animals which are banned.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your trip to India and come again as a INDOPHILE