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Hindus & Sacred Cow

The cow has been a symbol of wealth since ancient times, Cow is revered animal in India. When Brahma did the creations cow was one of the first ones.


The pastoral people and subsequent generations relied heavily on it for dairy products and the cow dung as a source of fuel and fertilizer. Even the cows urine is used as an element of ancient and traditional medicinal system called ‘Ayurveda’ the knowledge for long life.


Thus, the cows status led to identifying it as a maternal figure therefore the term Gau Mata. Lord Krishna was a cow shepherd the supreme personality of god in the biggest form of Hinduism i.e Vaishnavism out of respect to him a cow is not killed.


Cows were also one of the first animal used in barter trade and gift in a dowry of a hindu marriage, There is strong movement in India for stopping of ‘Gau Hatya’ the cow slaughter. They can be seen all over the country.

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INDIA,a country of culture and religion, a country with over a hundred Gods and Goddesses, a country of more than a billion inhabitants, a country with monuments like the Taj Mahal - if you think one country can’t have it all. Travel to India for a hassle free & pleasant trip.