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Mother Teresa

About 20 years before India gained its freedom, Christian missionaries from Yugoslavia came to India to render humanitarian help and services. They were extremely affected by the conditions of poverty rampant in India and so invited people from their country to serve here. Amongst them was a girl called Agnes Goxa Bojaxiu, someone special, who is today known as Mother Teresa worldwide.


Coming to India: Agnes was born on August 27,1910 and was just 19 years when she came to India in Calcutta on January 6,1929. And thereafter she never left the country. Her aim in life was to serve the weak, the sick and the poor and she dedicated her full life towards this purpose aimlessly. She would roam the dangerous dark and dirty streets of Calcutta at night, covering the cold and offering food and shelter to the poor and homeless. When she first arrived in Calcutta, she had just Rs.5.00, and was helped by a priest. She lived in a small room for 9 years, where she nursed the ill back to health. The thoughts, action, Compassion, dignity and sympathy marked her everyday life.


Mission Of Charity: Through her efforts she managed to open several institutions to help the downtrodden e.g. 'Missionaries of Charity', ' Nirmal Hriday', and 'Shishu Bhavan' which houses the mentally and physically retarded and challenged children.


Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize In 1979 and the Bharat Ratna in 1980. Besides these she also received the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Peace(1972), Ramon Magsaysay Award (1962) and the Templeton Foundation Award (1973). As the Mother - General of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa has a thousand Missionary institutions working under her.


Despite all the public acclaim, national and international honours, mother Teresa remained humble, kind and generous till the end. The Florence Nightingale of India passed away in September 1997 leaving behind a legacy of services from one onto so many who need help the poor, the downtrodden and the feeble. Today people take pride in doing what precious little they can do towards the efforts done by Mother Teresa. She inspires people in their everyday life.

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