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CHAI is the most common of all drinks and beverages in India. Between the family at home, friends, guests, workplace, Business meetings, conferences or even a casual street chit chat. Nothing can be complete without the mention, serving and having a CHAI as readymade tea.


By itself chai or cha is a generic word for Tea. Having a Tea Bag dip tea is snob. People drink tea in small glasses also preferably, terracotta cups are used in the country and plenty of plastic glasses are used widely.

Chai In India refers to a style of preparing it. Chai is prepared with water,sugar,tea and milk. It needs to be cooked. At each stage of its preparation requires infusion or boiling. That is plain tea, Chai tea is usually served with a milk.


Then there is something called Masala Chai ‘mixed spice tea’ prepared by brewing tea with a mixture of aromatic indian spices and herbs as spiced tea. Common spices in masala chai are cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, mint leaves fresh or dried,basilique,saffron and many other spices.

Chai stalls are a favourite meeting place to savour a hot, fresh cup (or saucer) of chai and discuss the day's happenings it could be any topic.


They are found all over India; from train stations, to tiny villages around the country. Chaiwallah’s are the chai vendors who serve up hot chai and hot gossip. As virtual chaiwallahs our chai stall is a place to savour authentic chai, gossip, news and information. It is not only common but a staple drink could be any season chai is eternal. Chai has become an International drink.

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