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Marigold the way it is used can well be a national flower. The streets are dotted with garlands. Because of their easy cultivation, wide adaptability to various soil and climatic conditions, attractiveness and excellent keeping quality, marigold has become one of the most popular flowers in India. They are commercially cultivated for cut flowers garlands, essential oils, medicines and reverence.


Marigold is very popular amongst the gardeners and florists for the good reason of quick growing and perennial. Its habit of free flowering, short duration to produce marketable flowers, wide spectrum of attractive colour, shape, size and good keeping quality attracts the attention of flower growers and users.


In India, it is one of the most commonly grown flowers and extensively used in religious and social functions, in one form or the other, ego garlands or loose form. Marigold garlands are regularly offered at temples and are used for welcoming the guests.


It has been established that marigold is native to India though it exits and is found elsewhere in the world. These flowers can be called Marigolds.

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