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A beedi also spelled bidi or biri is a thin, a samll Indian cigarette filled with tobacco flake and wrapped in a Tendu leaf (Diospyros melanoxylon leaf Leaves of many other plants like Butea monosperma, Shorea robustaetc. are used as Bidi wraps in different parts of the country but the texture, flavour and workability of diospyros leaves are unmatchable.) Best is Tendu dried leaves. tied with a cotton colored string at one end.


Beedi comes from beeda, Marwari for a leaf wrapped in betel nuts, herbs, and assortments. A traditional method of tobacco use throughout India. Today beedies are utterly popular, easily available and inexpensive in India. There, beedi consumption outpaces that of conventional cigarettes. Beedies accounted for 48% of Indian tobacco consumption generally.


Unlike cigarettes, beedies must be puffed frequently to keep them lit, and doing so requires effort. Beedi smoking tends to be associated with a lower social standing, and these inexpensive–2-8 rupees for a pack of 12 to 20 or 24 pieces. Those with a high social standing who do smoke beedies often do so out of the public eye.


Over 3 million Indians are employed in the manufacture of beedies, a cottage industry that is typically done by women in their homes.


Workers roll an average of 500-1000 beedies per day, handling 225-450 grams of tobacco flake. Beedi are produced both commercially in factories and at homes called cottage indutry.

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